Havi candles since 1829

HAVI’S -collection starts a new era to the story of Havi

In the candle light for over 187 years

Story of Havi in a nutshell

Havi can be considered as the very first industrial candle manufacturer in Finland. On November 6th 1829, wholesaler Anton Alfthan commenced the candle production. Alfthan based the factory in Karelian Isthmus.

In 1839, the plant capacity was expanded and Afthan moved the plant to Vyborg, to the Havi district. This is where Havi received its name from. As The Winter War (Talvisota) broke a military conflict between the Soviet Union and Finland, Havi’s factory had to be evacuated from Vyborg. Factory moved to Riihimäki and has stayed there ever since.

HAVI’S brings a hint of luxury to everyday

Beautiful collection for decoration and for atmosphere

HAVI’S aims to bring the poetry back to everyday life with beautiful candles, textiles and home décor items.  We wanted to create something new to the world of interior design by having also strong cultural identity in Scandinavian traditions: summer memories, green gardens, authenticity and genuine people.

Our designers work with ideas to make beautiful details for each product. Carefully selected fragrances, colors and modern patterns are a part of everyday home décor and table settings.  With modern and timeless collection HAVI’S brings a hint of luxury to everyday.